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  1. That ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI agrees to “Edit and Translate”   lessons  already written in another language and English into authentic Yoruba using a Yoruba Keyboard or Yoruba Alphabet characters.
  2. After editing and translating, ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI agrees to audio tape/reading into a software recording device to be made available to him by Native Tongue Academy and or Mazi Ogbonna.
  3. To facilitate the project Native Tongue Academy(Mazi Ogbonna) will purchase the audio software to be installed in ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI’s computer or laptop.
  4. Alexandre ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI agrees to purchase his own head-phone and Microphone combo for the project. This will not be reimbursed.
  5. ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI agrees not to share the Yoruba Language Project Idea with any body, relative, friend, lawyer or any other third party without the written permission of Mazi Ogbonna or any Native Tongue Academy’s designate. This stipulation does not have any deadline or time limit.


  1. ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI agrees not to use the information obtained through the project in any way to cause a duplication, competition or to distribute it through a third party without the express permission from Native Tongue Academy and or Mazi This stipulation does not have any deadline or time limit.
  2. For the purposes of payment, ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI will provide a valid paypal account or bank Account to Native Tongue Academy and or Mazi Ogbonna. Payment can be made through our designated Agent in Nigeria to comply with lawful exchange rates.
  3. The Maximum expected hourly investment for this project is twenty(20) hours per week; that is Eight (80) hours per month. There is no scheduled time frame to work each week. In other words, flexible and convenient hours to accomplish assigned tasks are the responsibility of ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI.
  4. The hourly rate will be ₦500 (Five hundred Naira)  per hour. Working exactly Eighty (80) hours each month will generate a monthly salary of ₦40,000 (Forty Thousand Naira).  As a flexible job, working for only a percentage of the Time will attract only an equivalent percent of the Monthly salary. 
  5. The monthly salary is payable by the first of each month with a submitted “Tabular Time Sheet” sent from the 25th day of the preceding month. Eg 25th August for September  1st After one (1) year, the above salary may  be renegotiated for adjustment or raise.
  6. It is further understood that this project will start within the first week of August  2019 and progress until project is completed or ADEGBESAN EBENEZER OLUWAFEMI decides to stop for any reason or NTA decides to disengage or discontinue the project for any reason.
  7. However, notice to stop working after project starts will be made to give a two-week window so that any work-in-progress can be completed before earlier termination.


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